Five members of the Brookline High Class of 2020 (from left) Anna Dong, Clay Baker-Lerner, Dee-nah Wattana, Renata Shen, and Yiming Fu.
Facing the unknown and the unprecedented
Anoushka Mallik, Brookline High • May 18, 2020

As COVID-19 swept through the nation, many lives were thrown off course, including those of many students in the Class of 2020. In the midst...

Two members of the Westborough (Mass.) High Class of 2020 (from left) Sam Stucchi and Rachel Lehman.
Reflective and somber, excited and hopeful
Shannon Clark, Westborough High • May 18, 2020

Your local movie theater is closed. So is the breakfast place everyone dines at. You can’t even walk down the street without a mask covering...

Three members of the Iowa City West High Class of 2020 (from left) Brett Cherry, Kaitlyn Hansen, and Nolan Lounsbery.
'I wish I had known that this would be the end'
Hanah Kitamoto, Iowa City West High • May 18, 2020

Typically during this time of year, high school seniors could be seen wearing their caps and gowns walking across a stage, or being occupied...

'Together in a beautifully ironic way'
Evan Fleischer, Watertown High • May 18, 2020

Being a senior myself who is directly impacted by the coronavirus pandemic, it is hard to know that my ending to high school will be a very lessened...

The victorious Purple team celebrates its 2019 powderpuff victory at Everett (Mass.) High
For high school seniors, the last days are torn away
Amera Lila, Everett High • May 18, 2020

When the abrupt news of all public schools closing broke, high school seniors nationwide found themselves at a loss. For some, the last few months...

Senior boys at Franklin (Mass.) High earned viral status with their video performance of "I Want It That Way”. by the Backstreet Boys.
The 2020 legacy
Emma Nicholson, Franklin High • May 18, 2020

“Memorable.”  When asked to describe their high school experience in one word, this is the word that the majority of Franklin (Mass.)...

Edward Lu enjoys an episode of “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.”
High school seniors share 'silver linings' amid a year cut short
Lauren Chen, Dougherty Valley High • May 18, 2020

As the weather gets warmer and summer slowly draws near, high school seniors would normally be donning colorful caps and gowns, getting ready...

Many individuals hold signs that show their support for the Black Lives Matter movement during a recent demonstration in downtown Iowa City.
Raising voices amid the tear gas
Hanah Kitamoto, HiE correspondent • July 3, 2020

In an era where living rooms became classrooms and basements became gyms, it is no secret the world is experiencing uncertain times. Despite a pandemic, many individuals across...

The photographer captures her grandmother, Nancy Hoit, who is sitting in the window of her house in Hingham, Mass., on April 22, 2020.
Photos capture unique time that will be impossible to explain
Hanah Kitamoto, Ryan Sanghavi, Anais Markwood, Nao Oya, Malia Taylor, Caroline Mascardo, Maddy Smith, Samantha Bevins, Victoria Choo, Kyle Santiago, Ella O’Hanlon, Elizabeth Meeks, and Kathryn Van Winkle May 27, 2020

While many are stuck at home or forced into social distancing, high school students have been abruptly handed large amounts of free time. Although not all students spend their...

"A Light of Darkness" by Ryan Sanghavi
Filled with empty feelings
Sarah Han, Ryan Sanghavi, Samantha Bevins, Carina DeLorio, and Emily Flanagan May 26, 2020

High school students across the world had their lives turned upside down when school buildings began closing. All of a sudden all work is being submitted online, and students...

Each night, Carina DeLorio takes a walk around the neighborhood to admire the sky and enjoy the peaceful time.
Life in quarantine: All of us together, and all alone
Emily Flanagan, Oliver Garvey, Carina DeLorio, Jinho Lee, Caroline Lobel, Shannon Clark, Shruthi Narayanan, and Ryan Sanghavi May 20, 2020

The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting quarantine has had unprecedented and adverse effects on everyone. Teens nationwide have had no choice but to cope with...

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