‘Together in a beautifully ironic way’

A graduating high school senior seeks out the positives

Evan Fleischer, Watertown High

Being a senior myself who is directly impacted by the coronavirus pandemic, it is hard to know that my ending to high school will be a very lessened version of what almost every other senior in the United States normally gets. However, in my high school, there is actually a stronger sense of recognition, togetherness, and camaraderie than I ever would have thought would be present.


Despite that we will not have any senior events besides graduation, it is obvious that the school and town is working so hard to get us the recognition we deserve, having worked so hard throughout all of our school careers, ready to be launched into the world of college and beyond. The principal, the staff, the school committee — they are all working so hard to plan as much as they can to give us a semblance of a normal sending-off.

I am pleased to see all the work that everyone is doing to make sure we feel appreciated for our work as students and as a class. I am a member of our school’s student council, and it is nice to have the principal ask us what we would like done, if the health commission decides it’s permissible, of course. Also, there are many more unique things that the school and town is doing for us that wouldn’t normally happen, like lawn signs being distributed to every graduating senior’s house identifying that a graduating senior lives there, a car parade, the whole town making noise at one time for us, and more interesting things.

Despite the negative consequences of the coronavirus lockdown, as much as people are stuck at home, unable to see others, this issue has brought people together in a beautifully ironic way. Everyone seems to be with their families, able to appreciate the familial connections they have, while also having the time to communicate more with friends and others. 

Staying at home unable to go outside has its upsides: There are lessened responsibilities, and the world seems to be put on pause, allowing for a much needed break for everyone with financial/job security. Now, everyone has time to connect with others — albeit mostly virtually — but still connect with others on a daily basis, or just relax and enjoy the time everyone now has.

Hopefully the world will learn from this crisis that slowing down isn’t such a bad thing. All I do know is that this will be a year for the history books; this will be remembered forever.

–May 18, 2020–