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Maya Dawson

Maya Dawson, Headliners of Summer

Maya is a junior at Conifer High School in Colorado. She is a global youth reporter with the Team Harmony Foundation and has work published in the Canyon Courier and Lobo Legend papers. She loves writing in all its forms, particularly journalism and poetry, and plans to pursue journalism in college. On a less dry note, she has a pet Axolotl (look up photos ... they are fantastic creatures). (July 2021)

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Isabella Namaksy stands before a map of the Colorado Trail after completing her five-week solo hike.

Hiking the Colorado Trail alone

Maya Dawson, Conifer High
August 14, 2021
Nine-year-old Skylar paints a canvas to accompany the clay flower she created in a previous session aboard the School Bus Studio.

The bus-iness of art

Maya Dawson, Conifer High
July 9, 2021
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Maya Dawson