Believing anything is possible in “Neverland”


Saffiyah Coker

The opening night curtain stands between the “Finding Neverland” cast and the audience at Boston Opera House on Aug. 8, 2017.

Saffiyah Coker, Noble and Greenough

The mouths of the audience hung open wide in rapt wonderment of the magic that was happening onstage.

Every single pair of eyes was transported to Neverland, a place where you were a kid again and you believed anything was possible.

Neverland was a real place you could get to again, no matter what age you happened to be. The swirling glitter on stage entrapped the audience in a mystical haze of childlike wonder.

“Finding Neverland,” which is playing at the Boston Opera House through Aug. 20, 2017, is a musical that explores the backstory of the creation of Peter Pan, who was created by playwright, J.M. Barrie.

The musical provides a new insight into the timeless story of Peter Pan through new and old characters. The dazzling dance numbers made the people in the audience bob their heads to the beat and tap their feet. Classic nursery rhymes brought smiles to the faces of many, reminding people of the joys of what used to be.

It was almost as if time was reversed inside the Boston Opera House and we were all children sitting in our seats wondering what was going to happen next.

This musical is a must see for everyone with a child inside of them screaming to get out.

 (“Finding Neverland” is playing at Boston Opera House Aug. 8-20, 2017. For more information, go to

–Aug. 12, 2017–