It’s no stretch to say “Incredibles 2” does it again!


Courtesy of Pixar

The principal voice talent — including Holly Hunter (Elastigirl), Craig T. Nelson (Mr. Incredible), Sarah Vowell (Violet Parr), and Huck Milner (Dash) — has returned for “Incredibles 2”.

Olly Ogbue, Noble and Greenough

Going into “Incredibles 2,” I wasn’t sure what to expect. I, like many others who will be seeing it this summer, was a huge fan of the 2004 original. All I knew about the plot of the sequel was that the movie would follow the Incredibles as they embark on new journeys; Elastigirl taking a job with a company that aims to change the perception of superheroes while Mr. Incredible faces the task of caring for their three children. I can wholeheartedly say that “Incredibles 2” did not disappoint.

My favorite aspect of the movie was the seamless blending of new and old. The key aspects of the first movie stayed the same, such as the animation style and the voice actors of the original characters. There also a lot of new elements; viewers are introduced to a multitude of new characters, including a new villain and a group of new heroes.

I enjoyed how new characters were presented in a way where they didn’t feel unnecessary. I never felt as though they were given too much or too little time on screen; they each had a purpose and served it well. I appreciate how the new and old elements complemented each other, rather than clashed.

In addition to this, I enjoyed I the plot of “Incredibles 2.” I was curious as to how the two be able to intertwine the two main plot points: Elastigirl’s new job and Mr. Incredible raising the kids without the story line getting messy and confusing. Luckily, this did not happen and the intersections between the plot points were clever and well thought out.

Perhaps most importantly, “Incredibles 2” was able to successfully cater toward the older audience who grew up watching the first Incredibles while also staying true to being a kids movie.  While “Incredibles 2” was able to maintain a sense of lightheartedness and fun one expects from a kids movie, it also incorporated some darker and more complex themes that are highly enjoyable for older audience members.

All in all, “Incredibles 2” is definitely a movie worth seeing this summer. I can’t recommend it enough.

–June 12, 2018–