Chase Atlantic’s “Cold Nights” tour heats up New York City

Fans warm to trio, as well as openers Xavier Mayne and Leah Kate, on Pier 17

Chase Atlantic in concert at Pier 17 in New York as part of the “Cold Nights” tour on July 30, 2022.

Hannah Steinberg, Pelham (N.Y.) Memorial High

Magnetic energy and passionate expression radiated from the songs that were emitted from a rooftop in the heart of the city that never sleeps. 

On July 30, 2022, thousands of fanatic, glowing faces were perched atop Pier 17 and beaming in the presence of their beloved Chase Atlantic. All present were excitedly celebrating the arrival of one of two New York shows that was part of the eagerly awaited nationwide “Cold Nights” tour.

Standing high in the New York City sky from around 6-10 p.m., fans were packed closely together with their backs to the Statue of Liberty and their heads facing a brightly lit stage with the glorious Brooklyn Bridge as a backdrop. This was a night that would feature performances from Xavier Mayne and Leah Kate and one that would rightfully prove to be one of the best of those who were present.

Xavier Mayne was one of the openers for Chase Atlantic at Pier 17 in New York as part of the “Cold Nights” tour on July 30, 2022. (Hannah Steinberg)

As people made their way up to the venue, the afternoon sun shone brightly and smells of the surrounding sea and the snacks offered by the vendors present wafted through the air. People buzzed with excitement and the rooftop was a catwalk for everyone’s flamboyant outfits, makeup, and hair. Looking around, thousands of phones were raised high in the sky, ready to trap a capsule of this night for their forever enjoyment. 

The night opened with a performance by Xavier Mayne, an R&B artist whose vocals were impressive and were presented in an engaging and thrilling show. He only performed a few songs, one being “Shleepin,” a song that Chase Atlantic band member Mitchel Cave was featured in. Despite the fact that a large portion of the audience did not know the songs, they still had a great time watching the show and dancing to the music. 

After a brief break, Leah Kate performed, which was another impressive act. Her vibrant energy and the red streaks in her hair that corresponded to her red leather skirt were quick to catch the audience’s eyes. She played a variety of her pop songs, many of which had gained popularity from TikTok such as the songs “10 Things I Hate About You” and “Life Sucks.”

Chase Atlantic in concert at Pier 17 in New York as part of the “Cold Nights” tour on July 30, 2022. (Hannah Steinberg)

The main act of the night, Chase Atlantic’s performance went on about 15 minutes after Leah Kate’s and immediately captivated the attention of all who were present. The members of the band: Christian Anthony, Clinton, and Mitchel Cave excitedly ran onto the stage and were exuberantly welcomed by fans who were screaming, cheering, and clapping loudly while videotaping the grand entrance. While playing many songs from their new album, “Cold Nights,” the band also performed some of their older and widely known songs such as “Into It,” “Swim,” and “Slow Down”. 

The powerful acoustics shook the air with every note traveling into and dancing deep in each spectator’s ear. The screen behind the band flashed with enthralling visuals that assisted in telling the story of each song. Stage lights flashed with dazzling colors and fire erupted in the background to enhance the aesthetics and dramatics of each number enacted. With each song played, the crowd screamed the lyrics along in harmony, all ecstatic to be part of the performance.

Chase Atlantic in concert at Pier 17 in New York as part of the “Cold Nights” tour on July 30, 2022. (Hannah Steinberg)

The boys were amazing performers who ran energetically around the stage, singing, hugging each other, and dancing, all of which made the crowd go wild. Toward the end of the show, they threw guitar picks, drumsticks, sweat towels, and even their own shirts into the crowd, making people go crazy like hungry wolves fighting over a piece of prey. Everyone left the show smiling, sweaty, with wide, bright eyes and big smiles.

One of the reasons the show was so enjoyable stemmed from the fact that all of these individuals had positive interactions with the audience, sharing personal anecdotes between numbers. They showed a great degree of gratitude, constantly thanking their fans for getting them to this point, a show that they said was the biggest they have ever done. This acknowledgment of their fans was something the audience was very pleased with, along with all the other conversations the band had with the audience.  

It was evident that these performers care deeply about the well-being of their fans and value their livelihood. Numerous times people around me chanted for water and both Chase Atlantic and Leah Kate were quick to make sure these individuals were given it, even going so far as to throw their own water at these desperate people. They also were highly attentive to the audience and when an individual in the crowd fainted or was hurt, they were quick to call for help. This level of attention to the audience is something that all performers should model after as a show of love for the fans.

Regardless of where you are sitting or standing in the venue or what city you are in, Chase Atlantic will ensure that you will experience the most invigorating, memorable, diverting night. Hence, if you or a loved one has a chance to see a show on this tour, I strongly suggest that you jump at the chance while it still presents itself. However, do so at your own risk in that by just being present at one of the shows, you must be prepared to undergo the transformation of your life into a Chase Atlantic superfan. 

Chase Atlantic in concert at Pier 17 in New York as part of the “Cold Nights” tour on July 30, 2022. (Hannah Steinberg)

–Aug. 3, 2022–