“A Christmas Story: The Musical” is a gift for the whole family


Courtesy Gary Emord Netzley

“A major award” becomes a showstopper in “A Christmas Story: The Musical,” which is playing at the Boch Center Wang Theatre through Dec. 19, 2021.

Ian Lundeen, Milton High

“A Christmas Story: The Musical” opened Dec. 10, 2021, at the Wang Theatre in downtown Boston.

The musical can be summed up as an excellent event for the whole family. With the holiday season in full gear, it is right at home.

“A Christmas Story: The Musical: is based on the holiday classic movie, “A Christmas Story.” In terms of sticking to the original source material, the play does a very good job. Every major event in the movie, including “the major award” gets a corresponding musical number. 

The actor that makes the biggest impression is Sam Hartley, as the protagonist’s father, The Old Man. He sells the angst The Old Man feels with his circumstances. He also artfully delivers a tapestry of fabricated swears at the drop of a hat.

To incorporate narration, an on-set character, Jean Shepherd, played by Chris Carsten, walks the audience through the story. Often, the characters freeze while Shepherd adds context and jokes. Shepherd is key to the play and without him the play wouldn’t be half as funny.

One of the best songs is about The Old Man winning a major award, a lamp in the shape of a leg. The audience erupted in cheers when the award was incorporated into the classic Rockette kickline.

One difference is the introduction of 1920s elements into the musical. These elements only appear after the cast breaks out into song. The main character enters a speakeasy to symbolize the trouble he got into. The backup dancers dress in the style of 1920s flappers. The integration of these elements is entertaining but unjustified.

Throughout the show, the choreography was really good, however, the microphones didn’t work at times, causing the audience to miss some dialogue.

All in all, though, those who attend will not be disappointed.

(“A Christmas Story: The Musical” is playing at Boston’s Wang Theatre from Dec. 10-19, 2021. For information or tickets, go HERE.)

–Dec. 13, 2021–