“A Christmas Story: The Musical” makes beloved movie even better on stage


Courtesy Gary Emord Netzley

All of the movie’s favorite moments are brought to life during “A Christmas Story: The Musical” at the Wang Theatre, which is playing Boston through Dec. 19, 2021.

Lucy Gould, Arlington Catholic

Have you ever wanted something for Christmas so bad that you could only think about that one thing? Well Ralphie, the main character of “A Christmas Story,” can relate to that. The book, movie, and musical (which is playing at Boston’s Wang Theatre through Dec. 19) all follow Ralphie as he tries to convince everyone that he needs a Red Ryder Carbine Action BB Gun (there is even a whole song about it).

The musical stayed true to the movie and has all of the funny moments put to song. There was the slow-mo Santa, fragilé, the leg lamp (of course), and so many more hilarious moments that had me gasping for air.

The music gave me chills, the level of skill of all of the dancers, especially the children, blew my mind, and the lighting was incredible!

I do have to mention that this story hasn’t aged well. With all of the school shootings and the plot of this musical being that the kid wants a gun, it is important to understand that this story wasn’t written in the 21st century.

Overall, I would recommend this musical to theater fans, fans of the movie, and people just looking for a fun time!

(“A Christmas Story: The Musical” is playing at Boston’s Wang Theatre from Dec. 10-19, 2021. For information or tickets, go HERE.)

–Dec. 11, 2021–