‘The Green Knight’ combines fantasy with horror


Imani Hill, Suffolk University

Folklore and mythical tales evolve throughout the years. Some directors interpret these stories differently. From fairy tales to urban legends, it is always up to the viewers and directors to come up with their own versions and David Lowery did this in “The Green Knight.”

One such tale is the folklore of “King Arthur and His Knights of the Round Table.” The story follows each knight’s great adventures away from their counterparts. Some directors make comedy films like “Monty Python and the Holy Grail,” to romantic films like “Camelot” and “First Knight,” and family-friendly films like “Kids at the Round Table.”

But this movie is highly different and beautifully made. This mysterious, gothic-type beauty that Lowery created with this film is something to be seen. Lowery’s “The Green Knight” gives viewers a hint of horror and a taste of gothic thriller.

The film is about Sir Gawain, played by Dev Patel, and his confrontation with the mystic monster known as the Green Knight. He must find and confront the Green Knight in one year.

Along the way to find the knight, he runs into witches, ghosts, demons and a talking fox, all warning him about the brooding danger. Viewers see Gawain transform from a simple knight to someone who is a mature and calm person.

Each scene in the film was based on the tales from the folktale in the Gawain chapter that was spawned from the “Knights of the Round Table” stories.

I was very impressed with the storytelling and how the chapters go into details, while still reminding the viewers of the mysterious force that was behind the actions. It leaves the audience with a question of whether this was done by the mystical force of the Green Knight. Was this all in Gawain’s vivid mind, or is this real? It prompts the audience to come up with their own conclusions, which I like very much, without feeling dumbed down by the plot.

The cinematography was breathtaking, and it was like looking at a moving painting. The film showcased the beauty and danger that is shown to the viewers well. I was drawn into the plot and the people that interacted with our main hero. However, the pacing was very sporadic throughout the film. One second the pace was very fast and then just slowed down the next.

I’m highly impressed with the cast and the hero’s growth. Viewers see Gawain transgress from a simple person to a more wise and honest knight at the end.

The film is a wonderful experience and a wild ride that goes through each story and keeps you guessing until the very intense finale against the Green Knight. This is just one of those films that you must not miss.

–Aug. 4, 2021–