Brittney Mack shows theater fans what’s waiting for them when they return

“Six” to hit Broadway in September, “Macbeth In Stride” to open at American Repertory Theater in Cambridge in October


Courtesy American Repertory Theater

Mark Lunsford (left) and Brittney Mack served as co-hosts for the Spring Celebration put on by the American Repertory Theater on June 5, 2021.

Amanda Treto, Pinecrest Glades Academy High

Two seconds to curtain call! Generation after generation, theater has fascinated the minds of many people as they sit excitedly waiting for the show to start.

Founded in 1980, the American Repertory Theater (A.R.T.) in Cambridge, Mass., has evolved tremendously: 259 productions! 40 world premieres! Five national tours! “Once” was born at A.R.T in 2011 and won eight Tony Awards, including Best Musical the next year. As years passed, more productions took the stage, and many artists got the chance to compose music and star in shows. 

New production. All tickets sold. New production. All tickets sold. 2020 coronavirus pandemic emerges. Theater doors close, all productions are canceled, stages are left empty!

With theaters and productions reopening, people wait in anticipation to see and hear what is next for the future world of theater. They will not have to wait long!

On Saturday, June 5, A.R.T. held a virtual Spring Celebration, which was co-hosted by Brittney Mack (of the musical “Six”) and looked at A.R.T.’s upcoming programming.

“Six” is scheduled to open on Broadway on Sept. 17. Mack (Anna of Cleves) said she is excited to be able to return to Broadway and escape into what she calls her “getaway.” She does not have much information on how the shows would work, but she ensures that the shows will follow the CDC’s guidelines and social-distancing rules. 

Advocates for female empowerment will love what is soon to come! Due to the pandemic, a live concert event that advocates female ambition called “Macbeth In Stride” was postponed, but will now open at the A.R.T. in October. 

Theater is constantly evolving in the world and there is so much left about the future of it to envision.

(For more information about A.R.T. and its upcoming programming, go to the home page HERE.) 

–June 9, 2021–